During this time we had before us an aspect of the application of HALOTHERAPY and we were letting it pass ... and in SAL Y SALUD we think it is important.


We are talking about allergies, asthmatics, different pathologies and of course! Pregnancy is not a disease , but pregnant women who suffer from all these clinical circumstances often have a hard time.


There are pharmacological treatments or relief that they cannot use during those months of pregnancy, but except in those cases of a history of eclampsia, or complicated pregnancies or general contraindications, HALOTHERAPY will be a complementary practice suitable for pregnant women.

Salt has a direct and local action on the bronchi and the rest of the airways and on the skin, without reaching deep dermal parts.

About how and when to use it in SALT AND HEALTH we can say something. Are we talking about preventing? Are we talking about acting in a situation already established? We could assess different cases:

- Pregnant who systematically presents allergic crises to pollen mites, different plants, environmental changes ... etc.


HALOTHERAPY can be applied before the symptoms begin, in many cases the delay or non-appearance of allergic symptoms is achieved.

- Pregnant with a history of smoking (or smoking)


HALOTHERAPY will help cleanse the bronchi and eliminate contaminating particles, (you will all have read how there are works in progress that study the possible harm of contamination on the fetus). It will be easier to expel the mucus and we can start at any time and continue throughout the pregnancy.

- Pregnant woman who presents frequent viral pictures, you suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis ...


With HALOTHERAPY we will obtain benefits from its anti-inflammatory effect on the nasal and pharyngeal bronchial mucosa. The mucus will be expelled more easily and we will decrease the bronchial hypersensitivity.


We should not only apply it with an acute picture established with high fever, it will be better to receive sessions before to try to minimize and slow down these pictures.


What should we not forget? Discuss our experience in HALOTHERAPY with our doctor. He / She will always take the lead and we must follow their guidelines and advice.


our salt caves


Será una ayuda no famacológica a diferentes procesos principalmente  de vías respiratorias  y de la piel.

¿Qué  procesos pueden obtener beneficios con la Haloterapia?

La Haloterapia Controlada es una practica natural aplicable a niños a partir de los tres meses.

…and children?

La Haloterapia Controlada se desarrolla en sesiones con protocolos adaptados.

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